What is the Cost of Installing UV Light in Miami-Dade County, FL?

Installing window films is a specialized trade that requires precision and experience, so it won't be cheap. The Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW) is taking steps to protect passengers and employees from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). To do this, they are installing a technology that uses germicidal UV-C light to treat the mobile handrails of escalators. This type of light is effective as a disinfectant because it can penetrate cellular tissue and break down the DNA of mold and viruses.

The spiral disinfectant lights are installed to work constantly and are placed in areas most prone to microbial growth. The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) of the Department of Transportation and Miami-Dade County are working together to ensure that the measures taken are comprehensive and appropriate. If you choose to install your new UV lamp through Freezing Mechanical, you will be exempt from any surcharge. Freezing Mechanical serves most of Southeast Florida, including all of Miami-Dade and Broward County.

Installing UV units can be an effective solution if you have problems with mold growth in your air conditioning unit or mildew in the house, or if you are concerned about air quality. In some cases, UV light systems for air conditioning systems generate efficiency and savings that can help you recover installation costs. Traditional methods such as umbrellas, blinds, or curtains may be preferred by some people, but they are not as effective as UV protection. In the long run, installing UV lighting in your air conditioning system can save you money since UV systems allow HVAC units to operate up to 35% more efficiently.